Designer & creative


Lee Jackson is a graphic designer & creative based in rainy England sunny Dubai, UAE, with  loads of experience — some of it in design.


He is passionate about beautiful, clean, usable, and effective marketing and brand design. With his creative knowledge in advertising & brand ownership, an obsession with fonts, colour and the finer detail, Lee is helping the world become a more beautiful and nicer place — one project at a time.  


When he’s not working or writing in 3rd person, Lee enjoys spending time with his wife and friends, watching movies, hanging out with his dog Meg, (a Jack Russell terrier) golfing, making pop art, pretending to be a footballer and rocking out with a guitar and a ‘good ol sing song’.



"Lee held the position of Art Director- Lead Creative at Auto Trader. This title is very vague because Lee took on many more roles within the company, following his own ideas and obvious creative talents.
His addition to the Auto Trader team made giant improvements in our professionalism and creative achievements of the whole company and we thank Lee for his hard work, dedication, reliability and ability to generate his own ideas and see them through."

—  ​Matthew German  •  CEO & Managing Partner  •  Auto Trader UAE


about ME

Hi, i’m Lee... I’m a creative from England originally, but now living and working in sunny Dubai, UAE.


I have a solid proven ability to create and manage assets for a wide variety of marketing channels.

From traditional print through to digital campaigns i've worked my entire career in the creative marketing industry.

I have proven expertise in artwork creation, design & art direction, sketching, branding, client briefings, team leading and various creative tasks making me a valuable member of any marketing team.


Polite, friendly and inquisitive with great ideas and design sense, take a look at my work and get in touch.